Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

Asian America History Month
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Tammy Duckworth
Image: Getty Images

Tammy Duckworth

First Asian-American woman elected to Congress in Illinois. Duckworth is an Iraq War veteran, Purple Heart Award Recipient, and advocate for practical solutions and cooperation needed to rebuild the US economy. "Learning to stand again taught me the importance of falling and showed me that, Anything's Possible."
- Tammy Duckworth
Niranjan Shah
Image: Niranjan Shah

Niranjan Shah

Founder of Globetrotters Engineering Corp., one of the preeminent engineering, architectural, and facility management companies in Illinois and the US. His numerous contributions to his home country of India and the US support educational institutions, medical clinics in India and relief efforts for victims of the 2001 Gujarat earthquake. "Doing what I love to do best with faith in divine grace has helped me to achieve my dreams and to know, without a doubt, "Anything's Possible.'"
- Niranjan Shah
Grace B. Hou
Image: Grace Hou

Grace B. Hou

President of the Woods Fund of Chicago, a foundation that funds projects that draw on the power of communities to fight the brutality of poverty and structural racism. Grace's career has been dedicated to public policy development and implementation, social services provision, community organizing and engagement, and philanthropy. "Dedicating my career to be in service to others through the public and non-profit sectors has helped me achieve my dreams and to know for myself that, 'Anything's Possible.'"
- Grace B Hou
Tianyu 'Kevin' Qiu
Image: Elijah Zhang

Kevin (Tianyu) Qiu

Kevin is an artist pursuing a parallel career in fine art and theatrical design. His art works explore cultural and social anxiety, which embrace his identity as the current generation of Chinese immigrants living in the United States. He is inspired by the metaphorical expressions and ideas in traditional Chinese art. "Believing in God and believing in myself helped me achieve my dreams and to know for myself that, 'Anything is possible.'"
- Kevin (Tianyu) Qiu
Deal Paracuelles
Image: Deal Paracuelles

Deal Paracuelles

Deal is a Chicago-based visual artist who specializes in illustrations, tribute portraits, and original character designs. His work is influenced by cartoon icons, pop culture, sports, television and movies. His pieces have been showcased nationally and featured in several magazine and book publications, newspapers, and gallery shows. "Believing in my skills and doing what I love helped me achieved my dreams and to know for myself that, 'Anything's Possible.'"
- Deal Paracuelles
Sue Ling Gin
Image: Jackie Queano

Sue Ling Gin

Founder and CEO of Chicago-based Flying Food Group (FFG), a privately held, large-scale catering company providing exceptional passenger meals for many of the world's leading airlines. Serving on several prestigious boards throughout the US, Sue has a steadfast commitment to the community and supporting numerous civic and non-profit organizations. "Along the way I had key mentors, but believing in my own insights and assessment of what could be accomplished in a given situation helped me realize that, 'Anything's possible.'"
- Sue Ling Gin
Tao Sun
Image: Tao Sun

Tao Sun

Tao is a medical scientist in the University of Chicago Surgery Department and also the founder of Video Protocols. A renowned researcher in the US for 16 years, Sun seeks to educate and empower researchers to make faster, bigger breakthroughs to benefit the medical research community. "Believing in innovating the learning and sharing of lab protocols for the medical research community helped me achieve my dreams and to know for myself that, 'Anything's Possible.'"
- Tao Sun
Shelly Ng
Image: American Mass Media Corporation

Shelly Ng

Founder of American Mass Media Corporation, a full-service production house and talent-management agency. Arriving in the US from Portuguese Macau as a college student, all she had was two bags of clothes and $600. Her humble beginning inspired her to establish the Asian American Business Expo to provide education and networking opportunities to entrepreneurs. Thousands of people have benefited from the business workshops and networks she organizes. "Anything is possible once I set my mind to it."
- Shelly Ng
Raymond Chin & Eileen Chin
Image: Brian Kreider

Raymond Chin & Eileen Chin

Ray Chin is founder of R.M. Chin & Associates, Inc., a Chicago-based firm specializing in Project/Construction Management, and Real Estate Services. His daughter and successor Eileen Chin is the firm's Executive Vice President. Ray and Eileen share a commitment to the community, diversity and supporting numerous civic and non-profit organizations. "Trusting in what I know, and recognizing what I don't know, helps me as I work towards achieving my dreams. I am also a firm believer that, 'Anything's Possible.'"
- Eileen Chin
"Believing in family values and treating people with respect has helped me to achieve my dreams. I too, am a firm believer that 'Anything is possible.'"
- Ray Chin




"By selling lottery every day, I'm helping to fund our schools and public projects. I'm proud to be an Asian lottery retailer and a citizen serving our community."
- Winnie Lai Wah Ip


"We love selling the lottery because it's what brings us the most traffic into our stores. I enjoy being a lottery retailer because with every ticket we sell, money goes towards bettering Illinois. It is exciting that the Lottery recognizes this month and I am proud to support it."
- Julie Lam

J D Food & Liquor

Nick is an outstanding retailer who adds value to his community by always going above and beyond. "Selling Lottery is very exciting and very rewarding."
- Nick Patel

Mare's Mini Mart

"Lottery is one of the most important parts of my business and I am a proud retailer. Asian Pacific American Heritage Month is significant to teach people about the great things various cultures bring to this country. I commend the Lottery for their celebration of it."
- Jay Patel


The Illinois Lottery proudly salutes the Rizal Center and its many volunteers for the massive Help for Haiyan relief effort orchestrated on behalf of the victims of the 2013 Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. Due to the Rizal Center's heroic efforts, Help for Haiyan Chicago collected 5,000 boxes of food, clothing, medical supplies and other goods in just four days.
This heartfelt support from Illinois demonstrated to Philippine communities worldwide that when people come together for the common good, "Anything's Possible."


For more information on the Rizal Center, please visit their Facebook page here.