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Powerball™ jackpot rolls to $310 million

Total contribution from Powerball to good causes for Illinois tops $10.6 million

CHICAGO - Feb 9, 2012--The Powerball jackpot stands at $310 million for Saturday’s 9:59 pm drawing. Want to picture just how much 310,000,000 is? Take 310 million $1 bills and line them up end-to-end. The line would stretch from New York City to Los Angles and back again nearly 6 times.

While no one won Wednesday’s $250 million Powerball jackpot, there were over 76,294 winners in Illinois, with players pocketing prizes ranging from $10,000 to $4. Powerball sales during the peak hour yesterday evening between 6:00 – 7:00 pm averaged $6,929 per minute. Powerball sales during this roll that started on Dec. 28, 2011, total $23.9 million. Contributions to the Common School Fund from this Powerball roll are estimated at $10.6 million.

Powerball celebrated its second anniversary in Illinois on Jan. 31, 2012. Over the past two years, Powerball sales in Illinois have contributed an estimated $98 million to the Illinois Common School Fund and Capital Projects Fund.

• Introduced in Illinois on January 31, 2010
• Current jackpot at $310 million; cash value of $193.4 million; after withholding: $135.4 million
• Jackpots now start at $40 million instead of $20 million
• Overall odds of winning a prize: 1:31.8
• Generated approximately $11 billion for good causes nationwide since 1992
• Drawings are at 9:59 PM (CT) every Wednesday and Saturday
• All profits from Powerball in Illinois stay in Illinois to support education and capital developments
• Powerball is played in 44 lottery jurisdictions across the country
• Largest Powerball Jackpot: $365 million; won Feb. 18, 2006 in Nebraska

About Illinois Lottery
Founded in 1974, the Illinois Lottery has contributed over $17 billion to the state Common School Fund to assist K-12 public schools, as well as the Capital Projects Fund. Players must be at least 18 years old.