Retirees Hit $11.5 Million Lotto Jackpot

Peoria Heights couple giving $1 million to each of their two daughters

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PEORIA HEIGHTS, Ill. – July 13, 2009 – Retirees, Dick and Sue Buxton, are the grand prize winners of $11,500,000 from the July 6, 2009, Illinois Lottery Lotto drawing. Chosen as a quick pick by Dick at the Heights BP on Prospect, the winning numbers were 6­-13-­15-­23-­37-­39. 

“We were so excited we won that we hopped in the car Tuesday morning and headed to Springfield to claim our prize,” said Sue, who was too nervous to keep the ticket in their possession any longer for fear of losing it. 

As soon as the Buxton’s found out they were winners, they knew what to do: give $1 million to each of their two daughters and save the rest. So, when they got back from the Springfield Lottery office, the couple set up a meeting with a financial advisor. 

“Sue and I want to make sure we are investing the winnings in the best way possible,” said Dick. “We don’t want to do anything extravagant, just live life more comfortably. And make sure our daughters and their families have all that they need to provide for themselves.” 

“In this economy, we are seeing more and more players take the same route as the Buxtons by seeking out professional advice on how to invest in the future,” said Jodie Winnett, acting superintendent for the Illinois Lottery.  “It’s exciting to know the Illinois Lottery is helping families live their dreams of providing for themselves and others.” 

The winning ticket was sold at the Heights BP, located at 4430 North Prospect Road in Peoria Heights, Ill., and will receive a 1 percent bonus of $115,000 for selling the winning ticket.

“The manager [Tony Nijher] of the BP station plans to have pool party for all the employees and give each of them a bonus,” said Winnett. “What a fun way to celebrate and let the employees know their hard work is appreciated.” 


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