Williamsville Mom-to-be Buys Raffle Ticket, Gives Birth, Shares $1M Prize!

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SPRINGFIELD--March 30, 2011---For Angela Miller of Williamsville, it was like hitting the jackpot twice! Miller was a full nine months pregnant when she bought three Illinois Lottery Millionaire Raffle tickets on March 3. Four days later, she gave birth to a beautiful, healthy 7lb-6oz baby girl; Eleven days after giving birth, Angela and two of her co-workers at the Illinois Department of Human Services (DHS) learned they would share one of four $1million prizes from the St. Patrick’s Day Millionaire Raffle game. 

“You dream, but you never really think you’re going to win,” said Angela, 35. “But this time, we really did!” Angela and two of her DHS co-workers--Dan Dickerson and Linda McDermith (both of Springfield)--have been playing the Lottery together for about a year. They hadn’t won any substantial prizes until the recent St. Pat’s drawing. Now, each are receiving $333,333.33, less state and federal taxes. 

Angela and her husband, Brett, 37, have a 6-year-old daughter--plus the newborn baby, Peyton. With two young children, a mortgage and car payments, the Millers will put their Lottery winnings to good use. One immediate plan is to pay off Brett’s 2004 Dodge Ram. Another possibility is new siding for their Williamsville home, and/or paying down--or paying off--their home mortgage. Establishing college funds for their two daughters is also a possibility. “For now, most of it’s going in the bank, until we figure out the best way to invest it,” said Angela. 

Dan Dickerson, 60, is similar in his approach. “I know it’s going to make my life easier, make life better,” he said. “I just don’t know what I’ll do with it yet.” Linda McDermith, 64 and a Viet Nam veteran, is similarly circumspect about her future plans, which no doubt include spending time with her young granddaughter. McDermith, who also works as a realtor with The Real Estate Firm, said she plans to “give back” 10 percent of her prize to charitable/eclessiastic causes. One thing is certain, numerous possibilities exist for the three winners, who have worked together for over five years in DHS’ Human Resources Department. 

“What a great story this is!” said acting Lottery Supt. Jodie Winnett. “Two of the $1million Raffle prizes claimed to date have been won by friends or co-workers playing together. That’s fantastic!. It’s also great that this trio of winners, like the three winners last week from Springfield, is giving thoughtful consideration as to how to best use their winnings. ” 

Three of the four $1 million winners from the recent St. Pat’s drawing are from central Illinois--a first in the history of the Raffle game--including three married couples who live on Springfield’s southeast side and claimed a $1million prize last week. The third $1million Central Illinois winner bought her ticket in Peoria. 

There have been nine raffle drawings to date in Illinois. For each Raffle drawing, 500,000 tickets are offered for sale. Four winning tickets of $1million are randomly selected per drawing, as are five $100,000 winners and five-hundred $1,000 winners. The Millionaire Raffle game usually sells out days early, and offers the best odds of winning $1million of all Lottery games. 

The Williamsville Casey’s General Store that sold the $1milllion ticket will receive a $10,000 bonus from the Lottery. The store was severely damaged in an August 2009 tornado that caused extensive damage to the village located north of Springfield.


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