Happy Birthday Everyone!

A one-of-a-kind IL Lottery ticket to jump-start Illinoisans’ birthdays

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CHICAGO, IL—November 14, 2012 — With only 66 percent of Illinois residents looking forward to their birthdays each year, it appears that adults in the Land of Lincoln could use more Birthday surprises in their lives, according to a recent survey conducted by Edelman Berland on behalf of the Illinois Lottery.

The Lottery did online panel research in October to learn how Illinoisans feel about their birthdays, as part of the marketing launch of its new instant ticket, Birthday Surprise. It is the first ticket of its kind in the United States that awards substantial prizes to help celebrate birthdays. Ticket purchasers will have the chance to win up to $150,000 immediately, and receive another $150,000 every year on their birthdays for the next 20 years.

“What a great concept for a lottery game. For just $5 anyone who wants to play Birthday Surprise gets a chance to win a present from the lottery for the next twenty years,” Michael Jones, Lottery Superintendent announced. “What a great gift Birthday Surprise is for friends, business associates and family. Perhaps next year’s birthday survey will reflect the interesting quality of such a random prize: on your Birthday, for anyone else’s birthday…Anything’s Possible!”

The online quantitative survey was conducted October 12 through 15. It asked 1,050 Illinois residents 18 and older from Chicago, Rockford, Champaign, Bloomington-Normal, Springfield, Decatur and Peoria how they felt about celebrating their birthdays. The survey’s top findings include:

Chicago residents appear to be more enthused about birthdays than other Illinoisans, and they like to celebrate them longer...

  • Chicagoans get more excited about their birthdays compared with other markets surveyed.
  • While most Illinoisans expect friends and family to celebrate their birthdays for only one day, Chicagoans are significantly more likely than all other markets to expect them to celebrate for a week.
  • Most people in the state prefer to celebrate major milestone birthdays by going out to dinner, although Chicagoans are more likely to plan a party or book a trip.
  • Residents of Peoria and Bloomington-Normal are more likely than Chicagoans to do nothing at all.
  • Rockford locals appear to be the least enthusiastic about birthdays, with 9 percent of residents saying they do not get excited at all.

Women and unmarried people in Illinois are more excited about birthdays, and celebrate them very differently...

  • 30 percent of women say they get either extremely or very excited about birthdays, compared with only 17 percent of men.
  • Women are more likely to buy personal gifts (35 percent vs. 23 percent) or book a trip (19 percent vs. 13 percent) than men are.
  • Married people are more likely to go out to dinner to celebrate major milestone birthdays (70 percent vs. 62 percent), while unmarried Illinois residents are more likely to plan parties (28 percent vs. 23 percent).
  • Single people get more excited about birthdays and are more likely to celebrate birthdays longer.

The survey found 21st birthdays are the most celebrated, followed by 50th birthdays, with Chicago residents slightly more excited about reaching their 50th birthdays than residents of other markets.

Don’t mail that birthday card without a Birthday Surprise instant ticket from the Illinois Lottery. Stop by your nearest Lottery retailer for your chance to buy the birthday gift of a lifetime. The $5 instant ticket is now available at more than 8,100 retailers statewide.


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