Powerball Run Results In $14.5 Million For IL Schools, Roads And Bridges

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Feb 16, 2011—SPRINGFIELD— The $336 million Powerball jackpot of Feb 11 was the result of 6-week run that saw $14.5 million raised for Illinois schools, roads and bridges, Lottery officials announced today.

Sales in Illinois grew exponentially as the grand prize grew drawing-to-drawing, especially, officials said, during the last two drawings, when the prize increased from a quarter of a billion dollars to $334 million, the largest cash prize ever offered in the United States. Drawing-to-drawing sales grew 41 percent and 61 percent respectively for the last two drawings. Sales reached a climax of $9,572 per minute ($574,320 per hour) during the evening of Feb 11.

“The Feb 11 jackpot was an exciting event that caught the attention of the public —and the series of drawings leading up to it raised more than $14.5 million for Illinois schools, roads and bridges,” said Illinois Lottery Supt Michael Jones. “We hope that all the new lottery players attracted by this huge prize had a pleasant experience buying their tickets and wondering what they would do with such a windfall if they were fortunate enough to win the top prize.”

Total Powerball sales for the jackpot that began Dec 28 totaled $34.6 million in Illinois; over $14.9 million—or 43 percent of the total—was tallied here during the last two drawings. Revenues raised for good causes followed a similar trajectory: $6.27 million (or 43 percent) of the $14.5 million in total profit was raised during the final two drawings, when the announced jackpot was $250 million and $325 million, respectively.

A major enhancement to the new Powerball game is the match-five-number prize, which is now $1million (was $200,000). Another enhancement is the starting jackpot of $40 million (was $20 million), now that the $336 million jackpot was won. Jones said more analysis and drawing-history is needed before the lottery will have a full and accurate picture of the new Powerball game and how it will perform at the new price point.

More than 540,000 winning Powerball tickets were sold in Illinois during the jackpot run that began Dec 28, 2011 and ended as the fourth largest jackpot in US history. Illinois winning tickets included 28 tickets worth $10,000 each. Non-jackpot Powerball prizes range from $4 to $1-million, depending on how many numbers are matched. Matching only the sixth and final Powerball number nets a $4 prize.

The largest jackpot in US history is $390 million, and dates to March 6, 2007, when two winning tickets were sold in Georgia and New Jersey. The largest jackpot ever won in Illinois went to the Kainz Family Partnership in Lake County, which won $183 million in the Big Game on May 9, 2000.

The winning numbers from the Feb 11, 2012 Powerball drawing were: 01-10-37-52-57-(11).


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