Lottery Private Management

Lottery Private Management Agreement

Pursuant to Illinois Lottery Law (20 ILCS1605/9.1), the Department of Revenue Division of the Lottery engaged in an extensive and rigorous selection process to identify an experienced, capable and responsible firm to assist the Lottery with day-to-day management of its operations.

The following documents are relevant to the process and are being made available for public review.

Request for expressions of interest

Evaluation committee

Step 1 - Request proposals

Step 1 - Intralot Proposal (redacted)

Step 1 Camelot Proposal (redacted)

Section 1 - Executive summary

Section 2 - Compliance

Section 3 - Camelot's credentials (redacted)

Section 4 - Preliminary business plan


Step 1 - Northstar proposal (redacted)

Step 1 - Scoring criteria

Step 1 - Evaluations forms

Step 2 - Request for proposals

Step 2 - Camelot proposals

Section 1 - Executive summary

Section 2 - Final business plan (redacted)

Section 3 - Net income target

Section 4 - Executive resumes

Section 5 - Letter of credit or cash deposit

Appendices (redacted)

Step 2 - Northstar proposal

Step 2 - Evaluation criteria

Step 2 - Evaluation forms

Net income commitments

Department's recommendation

Final binding private management agreement

Notice of public hearing

Public hearing - Comments from the acting superintendent

Public hearing - Presentation by Camelot

Public hearing - Presentation by Northstar Lottery Group

Governor's selection

Camelot protest resolution

Intralot protest solution

Illinois Lottery employee use agreement execution

Illinois Lottery private management agreement

(Between the State of Illinois Department of Revenue and Northstar Lottery Group, LLC).