New Private Management Process

The Illinois Lottery is excited to engage in a fully transparent process of selecting a new private management partner that shares the Lottery’s goals of increasing profits to the State, broadening the player base, introducing new technology and innovation, and ensuring responsiveness to public needs and concerns.

Parties interested in responding to requests for information and proposals should contact:

Illinois Lottery
Attention: Helen Kim, Agency Procurement Officer
122 S Michigan Ave, 19th Floor
Chicago, IL 60603


The process of selecting a new private management partner is governed by Illinois Lottery Law and the Illinois Procurement Code.

To view Illinois Lottery Law (20 ILCS 1600), please click here.
To view the Illinois Procurement Code (30 ILCS 500), please click here.


Process Documents and Updates

Note: All updates and notices related to this solicitation will be posted on the Illinois Procurement Bulletin (IPB). Interested parties should elect to receive email notifications from the IPB to ensure all relevant information is received. Click here to sign up for notifications.

Request for Information – October 7, 2015

Program Management Office – June 15, 2016

The Illinois Lottery and Northstar Lottery Group, LLC (Northstar) selected Gaming Laboratories International, LLC to direct the Program Management Office (PMO). The PMO has been established to coordinate the orderly transition of the services currently provided by Northstar under the terms of the Private Management Agreement (PMA), to a replacement manager selected by the Illinois Lottery pursuant to a competitive procurement process.

Data Room Availability – July 8, 2016

Request for Proposal - July 28, 2016

Public Hearing – August 14, 2017
        Click here to see the public hearing presentation.