Lottery IL Red Ribbon
With Purpose

help prevent HIV/AIDS in Illinois
and support those affected.

has been raised so far.

Change starts with knowledge. Learn the numbers behind HIV/AIDS
and how playing the Red Ribbon Cash Instant Ticket can help.

At-home HIV testing kits
are available.

The number of people in Illinois
who are living with HIV/AIDS*
There is no cure for HIV/AIDS, but
treatment can help those affected
live longer, healthier lives.

After infection, flu-like symptoms
such as fever, sore throat and
fatigue can occur.
The only way to know your
status is to get tested.

The number of HIV infected people
who were unaware of their status.
* Facts obtained from the CDC, World Health Organization, Women's, and the Illinois Dept of Health
A seemingly small act can make a big impact.
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