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The Illinois Lottery helps the community play games safely and responsibly. 

The Illinois Lottery began in 1974 to raise revenue for the State of Illinois.

The Illinois Lottery upholds responsible gaming principles throughout its operations to protect the interests of those playing lottery games. The Lottery is proud of its Level 3 Certification from the World Lottery Association (WLA) as part of its Responsible Gaming Framework.

The Lottery’s commitment to responsible play is reflected in the following practices:

Employee Training

The Illinois Lottery works to raise awareness and provide responsible gaming education to all Illinois Lottery employees through a thoughtful employee education curriculum and ongoing training.

Retailer Engagement

The Illinois Lottery works with a vast network of retailers to continually improve responsible gaming messaging and provide the tools needed to assist those who may experience gambling problems.

Player Education

The Illinois Lottery brings responsible play information directly to players through marketing materials, point-of-sale collateral, and online content. This is a year-round effort that reflects a commitment to responsible gaming education.

Treatment Referral

Each year, the Illinois Lottery contributes financial resources to fund the 1-800-GAMBLER crisis hotline, a service offered to all Illinoisans who may be experiencing problems with their own gambling or the gambling of someone they know.

Game Design Review

The Illinois Lottery assesses the risk profile of each of its games using an external game evaluation tool. Currently, the Illinois Lottery uses Gambling Assessment Measure — Guidance about Responsible Design (GAMGaRD) to identify any potentially risky elements of a game. GAMGaRD has been designed to aid the development of socially responsible games. It uses up-to-date research findings from around the world to facilitate well-informed, objective, and responsible game reviews.

Responsible Advertising

As part of its advertising policy, the Illinois Lottery ensures that required responsible play messaging is displayed on marketing and advertising materials such as radio, print, and television ads.

Key Stakeholder Engagement

The Illinois Lottery has taken a leadership role with key responsible gambling stakeholder groups. The Lottery helped form the Illinois Alliance on Problem Gambling in 2013, which marked a historic collaboration between the gaming industry, state regulators, and addiction experts.

The mission of the Illinois Alliance on Problem Gambling is to promote wide-scale public awareness of problem gambling. This is accomplished through education, increased accessibility, and full coordination of the resources and information available to assist problem gamblers, those who are at risk of problem gambling, and those who are affected by problem gambling.

Furthermore, the Illinois Lottery partners with the National Council on Problem Gambling, the national advocate for programs and services that assist problem gamblers and their families. Together, these organizations work to improve health and wellness by reducing the personal, social, and economic costs of problem gambling.

Online Safeguards

Lottery gameplay is increasingly digital, and the Illinois Lottery has implemented rigorous safeguards to promote responsible lottery gameplay online.

The Illinois Lottery’s digital platform includes mandatory age and identity checks at the point of registration to allow only players who are 18 years of age or older to purchase tickets. Additional features include:

  • Geo-location verification – confirms the player is located within the state of Illinois at the time of purchase.
  • Mandatory maximum weekly deposit and wallet limits – prevent players from adding more funds once a limit is reached.
  • Weekly deposit limit – allows players to set their own limit that is lower than the maximum and fits within their budget.
  • Session timer – provides players with the ability to monitor the total amount of time they are committing to the Illinois Lottery’s digital platform.
  • Financial and gaming history – allows player to view their entire financial and gaming history so they can monitor deposited money and games played over time.
  • Self-exclusion option – allows players to self-exclude from the Illinois Lottery game platform.