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$200,000 Bingo Tripler

Win up to $200,000
Win up to 9 times!

How to play $200,000 Bingo Tripler

1. Scratch the CALLER’S CARD area to reveal 36 BINGO numbers

2. Scratch the corresponding numbers on CARDS 1 through 6.

3. Win on any of the CARDS 1 through 6 by completing a LINE, FOUR CORNERS, or an X pattern.

4. If you complete a winning pattern, refer to the CARD legend to the left of the corresponding CARD to see the applicable prize.

5. If a “star” symbol is used to complete a winning LINE pattern, win TRIPLE the corresponding LINE prize for that CARD.

INSTANT $10:  Reveal a “$$” symbol, win $10 instantly.

INSTANT $20: Reveal a “stack of cash” symbol, win $20 instantly.

INSTANT $50: Reveal a “money bag” symbol, win $50 instantly.  Please see the attached screen shot to see the four game symbols.


Additional Information

Price Point $5
Overall Odds 1 in 3.81
Category Extended Play
Play Style Bingo
Launch Date May 3, 2021
Game Number 7417
Consolidated Odds