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Grandparents’ Anniversary Brings Back-To-Back Wins for Lisle Lottery Player

August 26, 2020

CHICAGO – An Illinois Lottery player from Lisle scooped two Pick prizes, two weeks in a row, using special numbers celebrating her late grandparents' wedding anniversary.

One week before July 16, the date of her grandparents’ anniversary, the player decided to buy a ticket to celebrate that date.

“I just had a good feeling about it,” said the player, who wishes to remain anonymous, as she had recently been learning more about her ancestry online and was very interested in family history and special dates for her family. “I was thinking about my grandparents, who helped raise me and we were very close.”

The player then chose the numbers of her grandparents’ anniversary, 7-1-6, and purchased her Pick 3 ticket online through the Illinois lottery app.  Not long after the draw, she received an email notifying her that her lucky numbers had won.

“I won $290 on 716,” she said. Then the following week, the player’s grandparents provided a little extra luck again.

“My grandparents were married on July 16, 1941,” she said. “So on the exact anniversary day, I played Pick 4 with the year they were married, 1-9-4-1, and I won again!”  

The player’s special numbers brought home another win for a second week in a row: a $1,080 prize.

She was excited to surprise her family with the news, who all gathered at home to celebrate the moment with some takeout and quality time.

“They were excited about the win since we had been talking so much about our ancestry lately.”

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