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How to Start a Lottery Pool

Are you looking to start a lottery pool or virtual lottery pool in your office or with friends? Great! Follow our easy step-by-step instructions for setting up a lottery pool and get started with group play today.

Step 1.

Create governing rules for your lottery pool.

Before the lottery pool is created, you will need to determine how the group will operate. Once the rules have been determined, they should be shared with any potential members. Do not allow anyone to participate if they can’t abide by and sign acceptance of the rules. 

Tips on what to include in your lottery pool rules

You can also develop a lottery pool contract for your group and require that every member of the group sign the contract prior to collecting their funds and adding them to your group.

Step 2.

Recruit your pool members.

If you are participating in an office lottery pool, print a copy of the Lottery Pool Sign-Up Sheet and post it in your workplace. Consider several high-traffic locations for posting like a break or copy room. Make sure to get Human Resources approval before posting. If you are considering a lottery pool with friends or family, craft an email to recruit members.

Once you have members, ensure that each member agrees to and accepts the rules or lottery pool contract. Use the Lottery Pool Sign-Up sheets to keep track of pool members and their level of investment for each jackpot drawing.


Step 3.

Determine a leader. The leader of a lottery pool is a critical role. A good leader can ensure a fair and well-run group play experience for everyone.

  • Key traits of a good lottery pool leader include:
  • Detail-oriented with great organization skills
  • Good communicator
  • People Person
  • Honest
  • Good with numbers, accounting and reporting

Selecting a leader should be a group decision. One great way to select a lottery pool leader is to have a group vote.  Be sure to choose your representative wisely.


Step 4.

Select the games you’d like to play and have fun!


Good luck!