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$5 /ticket
Overall odds of winning: 1 in 3.68
*Estimated jackpot last updated on: 10/24/2021, 5:16 AM Jackpot amount updated every 2 minutes
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Play the Game

Visit any Illinois Lottery retailer to purchase your Blackjack ticket. You can purchase the game from the store clerk by asking for a $5 Fast Play Blackjack ticket, or you can purchase it from the Illinois Lottery vending machine by selecting Fast Play and choosing $5 Blackjack from the touchscreen. One Fast Play game is printed per ticket.

Blackjack is a $5 progressive Fast Play game. The jackpot begins at  $10,000 and grows with each ticket sold statewide until the jackpot is won. With progressive Fast Play games, you have a chance to win the jackpot or other cash prizes.

To play Blackjack, follow the “HOW TO WIN” instructions printed on your ticket: If the total in each of YOUR HANDS is higher or equal to the DEALER’S TOTAL, you win the HAND. Add up the total number of wins and ties and win the corresponding prize shown in the PRIZE LEGEND. Each HAND is played separately.

Check to See if You’ve Won

Each Fast Play ticket has a scannable barcode. You can determine whether your ticket is a winner by using the ticket scanner at the terminal, at an Illinois Lottery vending machine, or on the Illinois Lottery mobile app.

Claim Your Winnings

Fast Play prizes must be claimed within one year of the date of purchase, which is printed on your ticket.

Any win of $600 or less can be redeemed immediately at any Illinois Lottery retailer. Any win over $600 must be claimed by mail or at an Illinois Lottery Claim Center. Prizes of $10,000 or less may also be redeemed through the Illinois Lottery’s e-claims process. For more information please visit When You Win.