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Hot Dice

WIN UP TO $ 10,000
$5 /ticket
Overall odds of winning: 1 in 3.85
FPG Ticket details

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Hot Dice is a $5 set Fast Play game with a $10,000 top prize. With set Fast Play games, you have a chance to win various prizes, including the top prize.

To play Hot Dice, follow the “HOW TO WIN” instructions: Add the value of the two dice in each ROLL. If the total of any of YOUR ROLLS matches the total of the HOT ROLL, win the corresponding prize for that ROLL. Each ROLL is played separately. Win up to 5 times.

Check to See if You’ve Won

The outcome of your Fast Play ticket will be displayed at the end of the game animation, and wins will be highlighted. You can also find your outcome in your online "My Account" section.

If you do not view the animation, your game outcome will automatically appear in your online “My Account” approximately 24 hours after purchase.

Claim Your Winnings

Any win of $600 or less will be automatically added to your online account wallet. However, if such winnings cause your total account balance to exceed $2,000, the winnings will be sent to you via check. Any win over $600 must be claimed by mail or at an Illinois Lottery Claim Center. Prizes of $10,000 or less may also be redeemed through an Illinois Lottery e-Claim. For more information please visit When You Win.

Fast Play prizes must be claimed within one year of the date of purchase.