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Piggy Bank Bucks

WIN UP TO $ 5,000
It’s time to break open the piggy bank!
$1 /ticket
Overall odds of winning: 1 in 4.26
Prize Tier 1 $5,000
Prize Tier 2 $1,000
Prize Tier 3 $500
Prize Tier 4 $100
Prize Tier 5 $25
Prize Tier 6 $5
Prize Tier 7 $2
Prize Tier 8 $1
How to Win
Eliminate the numbered coins in the Piggy Bank that match YOUR PIGGY BANK NUMBERS. Win the PRIZE amount beneath the last remaining coin.
Are you a winner!?
Each Fast Play ticket has a scannable barcode. Scan the ticket in-store at the terminal, at an Illinois Lottery vending machine, or with the Illinois Lottery App to confirm if it’s a winner.
When you Win
Any win up to $600 can be redeemed immediately at any Illinois Lottery retailer. Any win $601 or more must be claimed by mail or at an Illinois Lottery Claim Center.