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100% of profits

go toward Homelessness prevention and assistance programs in Illinois.

Over $4.7 million

has been raised so far.

Change starts with knowledge

Learn more about Homelessness prevention and assistance programs in Illinois and how this Instant Ticket can help make a difference.

Needed support

The Supportive Housing Program provides 12,141 individuals with supportive services that enable special needs low-income individuals and families who are formerly homeless or at risk of becoming homeless to maintain their community-based living instead of returning to homelessness.

Lending a helping hand

The Illinois Department of Human Services served 23,715 families in their Emergency and Transitional Housing program, which provides immediate and comprehensive shelter services to homeless persons and persons at risk of homelessness.

Prevention is key

Currently, 8,966 in Illinois are participating in the Homeless Prevention Program, which is designed to provide short-term assistance to stabilize families in their existing homes, prevent homelessness for families and individuals, shorten the amount of time that individuals and families stay in a shelter, and prevent the need for costly long-term assistance.

Thousands in need of help

On any given night in Illinois, an estimated 10,431 people live in shelters, transitional housing programs, parks and abandoned buildings, cars, or on the street. In addition to Illinois residents experiencing literal homelessness, tens of thousands of Illinois families live temporarily and unstably with family and friends.


Illinois Department of Human Services

To learn more about homelessness prevention and assistance programs visit the Illinois Department of Human Services.

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