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Retailers! Find out more about Fast Play and how to successfully sell it in your stores today.


Retailer Resources

Hello Retailers!

Welcome to the Illinois Lottery Retailer Resources page. This page includes news and product information to help you sell lottery products in your stores. As always, please be sure to activate new games as soon as you receive them and stock your bins full of the latest games. Good luck and happy selling!

Get your store ready for November 2021

This Holiday season, we want to remind Illinois that anyone can “Gift Instant Joy.” Holiday Instant Tickets already available include Holiday Cash, Holiday Fun Doubler, Peppermint Payout, $250,000 Holiday Bonus, and $1,000,000 Merry Multiplier. Two new games, Winter Win All and Cold Cash Blowout, launch on November 2. A third new game, Full of $500s, our new clear holiday ticket, will launch mid-November, and is sure to make a fun and unique holiday gift!

Ensure you stay up-to-date and learn how to get your store ready by doing the following:

  • Read the November/December 2021 edition of the Lottery Lowdown
  • Review the latest Planograms, which can assist you in point-of-sale placement and inform you of the latest lottery products
  • Download our Flyers in order to print and display in your retail location. We have added a Card Under 25 Reminder Flyer to make sure players know that, as a retailer, you will card those who appear 25 or younger. Play it safe.
  • Check out the Educational Materials, including the November 2021 Sales Flyer, Powerball Retailer FAQs, and Fast Play® Retailer FAQs. Fast Play will be available to also play online, in addition to retail, starting later this month. 
  • Stay in the know with Important Updates, ranging from Claim Center changes to social distancing guidelines

NEW, Unique Holiday Ticket

Illinois’ most successful $5 ticket has returned for the holiday season! This ticket is loaded with $500 prizes and is made with CLEAR material, instead of paper, to make it stand out for the holidays. Make sure to activate and put this ticket out for sale as soon as you receive it. Check out the Planograms page to download instructions on how to place POS highlighting the Full of $500s Holiday Edition Instant Ticket.

Gift Instant Joy

This holiday season we’re giving players access to printable holiday cards and gifting ideas at Tell players about these offerings while encouraging them to purchase Holiday Instant Tickets as gifts for that special someone. And, as always, remind players to Be Smart and Gift Smart since recipients must be 18 years of age or older to play.

Monthly New Instant Ticket Shipments Day Change

Beginning in October, new Instant Tickets went back to arriving on the first Tuesday of the month, which coincides with the launch day of the tickets. This will continue every month with stores receiving their new game Instant Tickets on the first Tuesday of the month. Please continue to activate new Instant Ticket games as soon as you receive them.

Black Friday Promotion

Download this FAQ for details.


If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact the Retailer Hotline (1-844-806-8930).

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Retailers! The newest addition to the Fast Play family is here!