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Specialty Tickets

Special Olympics

Over $4 million contributed for Special Olympics sports training.
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Multiple Sclerosis

Nearly $10 million contributed to fight multiple sclerosis in Illinois.
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Over $8.6 million contributed to fight HIV/AIDS in Illinois.
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Support Our Veterans

Over $17.6 million contributed to supporting Veterans organizations in Illinois.
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Breast Cancer

Over $13.5 million contributed to breast cancer awareness, education, and research.
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Blue Police Memorial

100% of profits go toward police memorials, helping families of the fallen and other support.
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Homelessness Prevention

Over $1.1 million raised so far.
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STEAM Education

100% of profits go toward STEAM programs in Illinois.
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Alzheimer's Support

100% of profits go toward Alzheimer’s care, support, education, and awareness programs in Illinois.
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